-Paola Chávez

Nowadays the digital age opens endless possibilities to create, interact and communicate online and in a matter of clicks and seconds you can reach someone in another part of the world without much effort.

And, by analyzing the behavior of large companies where the number of people involved in a project is growing, we see the need to improve communication between suppliers and customers to make negotiations and authorizations more efficient at any time of day and almost anywhere. Due to globalization and the need to go out of office (even the country) to implement new projects and meet new customers, the approval process of the current work its limited and sometimes is even delayed.

This possibility that technology gives us, the desire to contribute to the sustainability of the planet and raise awareness of excessive use of paper; and looking to improve the productivity of delivery and validation of documents, we present you four tools that will raise your company’s efficiency.

1. DocHub:

It’s an online platform that allows you to send, edit and create forms with easy-to-use tools and a friendly interface. Create an account on this page is very simple and the authorization process is even easier. People involved will receive a link of access to view the file online, they’ll edit the document through comments or images and be able to sign in one of four options DocHub offers.

This page allows you to create communities to share documents and enable passwords to increase privacy. DocHub has free memberships and more advanced versions with affordable rates.


2. HelloSign:

It’s an (downloadable or non) application that interacts with tools like Gmail and Google Drive. Unlike Doc Hub, Hello Sign does not have the wide variety of tools for editing a file, but if you’re looking for a just-validation process, its use is very intuitive and effective.

HelloSign sends 3 documents every month for free and it gives you the option to upgrade your account.


3. DocuSign:

This site allows you to have an account and save your documents online, it has more formal and professional design and, comparing to the other two tools mentioned,the level of complexity and privacy is higher. The platform is available in 43 languages and in 188 countries.

DocuSign is a very useful tool but the process is not as intuitive as desired and this may affect communication we seek to do more efficient.


But not all of these tools should be online. There is a basic and simple tool that allows you to edit, annotate and sign without using a site or a different server than your regular one. This is the well-known:

4. Adobe Reader:

Adobe Reader is the PDF is the free most commonly used software for editing and sharing documents via email. Although this does not allow you to have a cloud to save your documents online it’s a good choice for companies with limited access to online sites.